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Case Studies

Case Studies

Case studies at my similia are not just a proof of our success in difficult and chronic diseases; it is a record and process of research into the treatment protocol followed by us. Every successfully treated case has got a story behind it which contains struggle, hope, and many such emotions. Explore such case reviews and get encouraged for healing.

We could avoid surgery for my 10 years old child, thanks to My Similia....

Master Y.S a 10 years old boy's father contacted us for the treatment of recurrent tonsillitis. Master Y.S was getting frequent pain in throat along with fever and coryza on every weather change as well as after eating any cold food or drinks. Initially he was treated with antibiotics with good effect. Antibiotics were helping him to control his acute attack of tonsillitis and he would get better but recurrence was not controlled.

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His immunity was weak and slowly he lost desire to eat partly because of frequent fever and partly because of over use of antibiotics. This cycle affected his studies to great extent. He was feeling low in confidence and started feeling something is very wrong with him as his younger brother was able to eat normally while he required to avoid all his desired food.
In view of frequent attacks of tonsillitis and swelling over the tonsils, conventional doctors suggested to go for surgery called as tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils).
Child was from Delhi, his father took him to a homeopathic doctor and they started treatment. He got good results but the frequency od attacks remained as it is. Slowly they made their mind to go for the surgery.
While surfing on internet his father came in contact with us. He had a long discussion with us about his child condition and decided to start the treatment. His case details were filled by his father. He attached all the investigation reports along with the case details.
After studying the childs case history we sent medicines for him along with list of instructions to be followed.
In 2 months follow up the child was comparatively better, his pain and coryza was under control. He was relatively symptom free and did not require any antibiotics in 2 months.
In 4 months follow up his father gave follow up over the phone and was sounding very happy about the progress of his child. He was better  by 70% and the recurrence rate was reduced by 80%. He did not require conventional pain killers nor antibiotics in last 2 months. He was coping better to new infections.
At 6 months follow up the tonsillitis was no more bothering him. He was tolerating the colds better. By the time confidence of the child was also restored. The child understood the importance of following dietary instructions and stopped comparing with his brother. 

I will personally recommend My Similia for all cases of hair fall.....

Mrs. R.R a 32 years old techie contacted us for her problem of hair fall. She was in a profession of developing websites and marketing. She found our website very informative and decided to contact us.

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She had this problem of hair fall since she came to Mumbai. Before marriage she was residing at Rajkot. She used to get a lot of hair fall, 100 to 150 strands per day since 6 months. It was causing thinning of hair. She did not had dandruff. She explained that hair used to fall in bunches while combing, after bath. Her thyroid levels and haemoglobin were in normal limits.
While evaluating her emotional side she stated that she was under emotional stress related to her job. Earlier it was easy to handle but once she shifted to Mumbai she was made the marketting head of her company which meant a lot of extra pressure. Coping with mumbai lifestyle and work pressure was becoming stressful for her.
Here lied the cause for her hair loss. Emotional strain can be one of the important factor for hair loss.
After studying her case details we prescribed her constitutional medicines for her and advised her to reduce her stress to some extent.
At 2 months follow up she noted that her hair fall had reduced by around 20% and she felt that dryness of hair also reduced. She was sent next batch of medicines.
At 4 months follow up her hair fall was 50% better and she said that the amount of hair fall has reduced to 50 to 70 strands per day. She was happy to note that she was able to handle stress better.
At 6 months follow up her hair fall problem was completely better, hair regrowth was also noticed and she happily said that I will personally recommend My Similia for all cases of hair fall. She agreed to give a video testimonial so that other patients should get advantage of our website. Her video testimonial is uploaded in the website.


I got rid of chronic urticaria within 6 months of treatment.....

Mr D.S. 35 years male, a teacher by profession contacted my similia by email about his chronic urticaria which he was suffering from more than a year. We promptly responded to his enquiry and had a long telephonic talk about his disease and symptoms. He registered for the treatment and filled the questionnaire after getting case file number and password.

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His main case symptoms are as follows:
He used to get urticarial rash as verticle lines over his back, hands and legs, everyday. There was a lot of itching and redness. He was unable to concentrate in work and was restless to the extreme.
Basically he was a fastidious person who always wanted to have all things to be done in a particular way. His disease was affecting his performance at work.
He consulted a physician who prescribed anti histamine medicines for him. Initially he felt good and all his symptoms were in control till the time he continued medicines. Slowly he required those medicines daily on regular basis. Over a period of time his need for medicines increased and he had to take medicines twice a day which made him drowsy.
He decided to look for alternative treatment and found our website while searching online.
After studying his case details we prescribed for him and 2 months medicines were sent to him by courier. Special instructions were given, not to stop antihistamines immediately. He was advised to slowly reduce the dose of conventional medicines till the time homeopathic medicines shows its action.
At 2 months follow up he was able to reduce his conventional medicines to once in 2-3 days. His symptoms used to come but with less intensity. Itching and redness had reduced by 30 to 40 %.
At 4 months follow up he was happy to state that his dependency on conventional medicines was reduced to minimum. Now he required to take antihistamines once in 8 to 10 days that to when he had junk food. His complaints of urticarial rash was reduced considerably.
At 6 months follow up all his complaints were reduced by 80%. He used to get mild urticarial rash once in a week which was controlled by homeopathic medicines itself. There was no need of other medications.
He was advised to continue medicines for another 4 months to avoid relapse.