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Case Studies

Case Studies

Case studies at my similia are not just a proof of our success in difficult and chronic diseases; it is a record and process of research into the treatment protocol followed by us. Every successfully treated case has got a story behind it which contains struggle, hope, and many such emotions. Explore such case reviews and get encouraged for healing.

I was cured of my psoriasis of 5 years withing 1 year of treatment and I could face marriage proposals with a free mind.....

This case is of Miss A.L. 21 years aged female suffering from psoriasis since 5 years. She first consulted us in 2011 when we were not having online platform. She visited our clinic full of anxiety and disturbed mind. She wanted to get rid of her skin eruptions at any cost, at the same time she was unsure about homeopathy as that was her first introduction to homeopathic medicines.

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Her case was studied in details. She had reddish eruptions majorly over the forearms and legs, few eruptions were present on back and some part of face. Face eruptions had started recently. There was lot of itching and scaling. Dryness was marked.
She was belonging to middle class maharashtian family and was not much educated. Problems became worse when marriage proposals started coming.
She was very active and good in painting. She did not treat her disease as much disturbing but now it was a different case. Her parents wanted her to hide her eruptions and face the marriage proposals but she refused to do that. She wanted to get rid of this disease and then think of marriage.
Her hopes were starting to diminish because she had taken a lot of conventional medicines in 5 years without much effects. Many times eruptions were completely better to be returned in few months. She started losing hope when one of our existing patients of psoriasis gave our reference.
All her queries were answered before making prescription for her. She was given 2 months medicines.
At 2 months follow up she was happy to say that her main symptoms of itching and scaling has reduced by more than 50% and she is feeling positive about getting cured. Dryness of skin was also reduced which was noted on examination.
At 4 months follow up 50% ofher eruptions were healed along with stoppage of further spread to new places. Same medicines were continued.
At 6 months follow up her symptoms were aggravated. It was noted that in every rainy season her symptoms used to get aggravated. Her itching and scaling had increased. Good thing was no new eruptions were seen. Her case was reviewed again keeping this seasonal modality in mind. New set of medicines were prescribed to her.
At 8 months follow up her 70 % of psoraisis was clear without any marks. There were no eruption on face and arms. Few eruptions on legs were present. She was advised to continue medicines for complete recovery.
At 12 months folow up she was completely better. Her medicines were stopped.
Patient did not allow us to share her photos and we respect her decision. She came to visit us after 4 years to happily state that she is happily married without any further relapses of psoriaisis.

My daughter got completely cured of Migraine online, without visiting the doctor personally…

This is a case of one of our existing patient’s daughter Miss S.P (case file number- 725). Mr. Shetty was one of our patients for psoriasis from Mumbai.

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His daughter started getting frequent headaches once she got admission for her masters in Pune university.
She had never been out of Mumbai before that time. In the beginning she did not tell her father about these headaches and got treated with local doctors for her complaints. Once these complaints started increasing in intensity and frequency she got worried and consulted her father.
As her exams were due she was unable to visit us personally. We assured her that it was not necessary as that time we were in the process to go for online consultations only. Talking to her over the phone about her complaints unabled us to diagnose her as having Migraine which no other doctor ever told her.
She was been provided by our specially designed questionnaire for migraine via email. All necessary details were collected.
She used to get severe headache every four to five days radiating from temple to temple. She always ended up having vomiting which although relieved her headache but persistant nausea continued.  She liked spicy food and had strong aversion to strong odor. Odor of strong perfumes aggravated her complaints.
After studying her case details first batch of medicines for one and a half month were send to her.
In her follow up she mentioned that she was able to appear for exam as her pain intensity has reduced by 80%. Although intensity had reduced but frequency was the same and complaint of nausea was present.
Second batch of medicines were sent with some addition of medicines. In next one and half months she got 80% relief in her pain as well as frequency. She was advised to stop eating junk food.
She continued her medicines for another four months to get completely cured of migraine.

I will personally recommend people to get treated at Mysimilia homeopathy clinic…..

This is a case of Mrs. S.S.P (case file number- 1009) a computer software consultant living in Canada.

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She was suffering from migraine since last 4 years. Complaints of severe headache started when she was working in India. She visited many prominent physicians with lot of hope as these spells of headache were hampering her work. At that time she got diagnosed to have migraine and her physician told her that she has to learn to live with it as it is associated with her long working hours in front of computer.
After marriage she got shifted to Canada. Even there she could not get the desired results. She used to get severe left sided headache once in every 15 days. Headache was so severe that she was not able to work for 2 days.
Complaints started with pain in nape of the neck radiating to forehead and settling over left eye. She used to pop up three to four pain killers in a day. Pain killers were giving her partial relief. Slowly she developed complaint of acidity due to overuse of pain killers.  
While surfing on internet reading about migraine and possible cure she came across our website. After speaking with our expert doctors she started treatment.
Her case details were collected by sending questionnaire for migraine. While going through it we understood that episodes of migraine usually came after lack of sleep and stress.
 After studying her case in details our doctor prescribed her medicines for migraine which were couriered to her.
She was advised to give feedbacks after every 15 days through our patient support system.
We received her first feedback after exactly fifteen days as she got an episode of migraine but she was happy to state that to her surprise the intensity of pain has reduced by 50%. She was able to work on the second day of episode. She observed that she was less irritable. She was advised to continue the same medicines.
We received her second feedback after three and half months before finishing her first batch of medicines. She was better by 70% in terms of intensity, duration and severity of the pains. She required just four to five pain killers in that period.
After receiving her feedback her case was restudied and same medicines with increased potency were sent to her.
After the end of eight months we received a heart touching token of thanks from her for getting completely cured of migraine. She did not get any migraine attacks in last 3 months.