7 Points To Assess In Your Asthma Treatment

7points to assess your Asthma Treatment
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A person having Asthma is always concerned whether he will be free from it. Often he chooses the conventional medicine available. However, soon he finds that he has to take the inhaler pumps. Following is the list of some points. Through these points, you can easily assess asthma treatment you are taking  Click here to know more about Asthma

Presenting: 7 Questions you need to ask yourself if you need to know whether your Asthma is in Control or not.

1 Do you have a good night sleep?

Any episode of Breathlessness, wheezing and cough during sleep at night is an indication enough that your Asthma is not under control

How frequently does your episode recur?

The thumb rule is that more than 2 episodes in a week indicate that your Asthma is not under control.

3 Do you happen to finish more than 2 bottles of Short-acting inhalers per year?

There are short-acting inhalers and there are long-acting inhalers. Short-acting inhalers are needed in an acute episode, whereas long-acting inhalers are used in symptom-free period. But, if you require more than two bottles of short-acting inhalers per year, your treatment is not working.

4 Do you miss your work or your child misses school due to Asthma episodes?

If you’ve to miss your work, or your child has to miss school for an Asthma episode, reassess your treatment options.

5 If you require emergency care for Asthma, then your asthma is not under control

6 Is your Spirometry test normal?

A person suffering from Asthma always should’ve got the Spirometry test normal.

7 Does your Asthma slow you down? Does your child need to restrict his activity?

A person suffering from Bronchial Asthma need not restrict his life indoors. He or she can enjoy the life to the fullest. Any case in which he feels that he needs to slow down because he is suffering from Asthma, then the treatment he is taking needs a thorough review.

What is the Solution?

Homeopathy is a credible solution in all the cases of Asthma. Adding Homeopathy in your treatment protocol can benefit you in long term. Many cases of Asthma, taking conventional medicines, require continuing with long-acting inhalers. Homeopathy breaks this lifelong dependence on inhalers.

Continuous use of rightly prescribed Homeopathic medicines reduces the oversensitivity to the individual triggers of asthmatic episodes. Thus, the intensity of each episode reduces. The duration of every breathless bout decreases. As also the frequency of attacks lessens over a period of treatment. 

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