7 points to beat Psoriasis. Let’s act now!

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Hi there! I am Dr. Raval. Today, I will share with you seven points to beat Psoriasis. These points are actionable and easy to understand.

Being a chronic and recurring condition, psoriasis patients tend to feel depressed, demotivated or helpless. On top of that, there are so many advises available that psoriasis people should do this and that, which makes it more frustrating.

Let’s kill all the negative emotions and try to make life psoriasis free and healthy.

This article will provide you with the tips to follow. These tips will help you counter psoriasis in a better way and if followed judiciously makes the life easier.

Enough exposure to sunlight

First of all, it is a known fact that in psoriasis the activity of white blood cells is increased and it accumulates on the skin causing the overproduction of skin cells. Exposure to ultraviolet light in moderation will help to reduce this overproduction, in turn helping the body to reduce inflammation of the skin which ultimately reduces itching and scaling.
It is very important to understand that sun exposure should be done in moderation that too in early part of the morning when the sunlight is not too harsh. Overexposure to harsh sunlight may result in the trigger of psoriasis.

Take a pledge ” I will reduce overexposure to the sun.”


Along with the exposure to sun, it is time to start moderate exercise. Once you form a habit of exposing your body to early morning sunshine, it will motivate you to start exercising.
When we reduce weight or extra flab psoriasis subsides. Reducing weight especially helps people with psoriatic arthritis. Pain reduces due to less stress on joints.

Assert your will, “I’ll reduce my flab.”


Another known cause or aggravating factor for psoriasis is emotional stress. Practically speaking every single person, from a common vendor to CEO of a multinational company, has stress in various forms. The real trick is to manage your stress rather than complaining about it.

Meditation often helps in reducing the stress levels thereby reducing the psoriasis flare-ups. Recent studies have suggested a better response to medicines in people who opt for meditation along with medication.

Think it over, “I’ll remain carefree with the help of meditation or other measures.”

Frequent and healthy meals

Once you overcome the emotional blocks and start exercising, the next important step for a healthy life is a balanced diet. Eating frequent nutritious meals is the first step to trigger free environment.

Be sure, “I’ll eat healthily and reduce the triggers in my diet.”

Stop smoking and alcohol consumption

To be very clear on this, you need to stop smoking and alcohol consumption completely. When advised to quit smoking and drinking people often resort to reducing the frequency and or quantity. While reducing the frequency and quantity is not going to help you, quitting can.
It seems smoking and alcohol consumption are directly or indirectly responsible for getting psoriasis. Further, these habits maintain psoriasis and lower the response rate to medication.

Never again! ” I will quit smoking and drinking.”

Keeping skin moist

The commonest and most useful advice given to psoriasis people is to keep moisturizing their skin. Unfortunately, psoriasis affected person barely follow this advice for a long time. It is advisable to use non medicated moisturizers like plain petroleum jelly as a routine. Keeping skin moist on daily basis will also help reduce flare-ups by controlling itching. So, make a point of this on your to-do list this season.

“I’ll keep my skin moist.”

Adding Homeopathy to your treatment protocol

Psoriasis, while appearing externally, is an internal disease. The faulty immune system along with genetic predispositions are to blame. Needless to say, the disease is deep-seated and calls for well planned deep acting medicines. Conventional treatment, usually with interleukins or with methotrexate often contain (they call ‘manage’) the symptoms of the disease but cannot cure the disease. However, homeopathy spurs body’s natural healing capacity, restores the disturbed immune system and is perfectly suited to treat stubborn disease such as Psoriasis.

In conclusion, adding homeopathy to your treatment protocol will definitely help to treat psoriasis in a more natural way.

Let’s act now”I’ll contact MySimilia Homeopathy ”

For in-depth information about points to beat Psoriasis feel free to download our “Psoriasis & Homeopathy: A Quick Guide

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