9 Frequently Asked Question on Online Homeopathy Treatment for Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial Asthma
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At My Similia we get inquiries for the child as well as adult asthma from across the world and we encounter similar questions and concerns regarding the online treatment of asthma. To know more about Asthma click here

Below are few frequently asked questions regarding the treatment of asthma online using homeopathy.

1) What is an online treatment for asthma in homeopathy?

The homeopathic treatment entails intake of medicines which are decided after individual case study. Every case is studied in detail through a questionnaire which is sent to the patients once they sign in for the treatment.

Video Consultation – We use a video consulting platform such as Skype/Google Hangout or others.

Telephone – We also conduct case taking over the telephone.

In some cases, we might use a combination of all three above methods on individual needs.

After detailed case study, we send you individualized medicines.

2) Can Homeopathy cure Asthma?

Yes, definitely asthma is curable with homeopathy. Adding homeopathy in the treatment protocol of asthma patients is the best thing to do.

Right homeopathy treatment helps in reduction of chronic inflammation of air tubes in anyone suffering from asthma and increases the person’s capacity to fight asthma triggers.

3)What is the role of Homeopathy in treating asthma?

Role of Homeopathy:

To reduce the frequency and severity of attacks, in boosting the immune system in order to fight the common infections easily. This reduces the chances to trigger asthma.

Basically, it boosts the immunity in such a way that need for conventional medicines is reduced over a period of time.

Also, it increases the capacity of the body to fight against future attacks.

In children, it helps in reducing the chances of developing adult asthma.

Homeopathy helps in reducing the symptoms such as wheezing or coughing, breathlessness reduces providing good sleep and reduces the need to visit a hospital.

4) How do you manage to treat asthma?

Managing asthma is two-fold treatment.

In acute attacks: This is the period of active symptoms of asthma where patients demand a quick relief. Hence almost all the current treatments focus on this aspect. In this phase combination of homeopathic as well as conventional medicines may be taken.

In symptom-free period: There are no known medicines in conventional medicine which can reduce the asthma attacks and increase the symptom-free period. Here comes the excellence of homeopathy in treating asthma.

Doctors at Mysimilia recognize the fact and give every individual a different medicine. As all respond to different environmental factors differently showing different symptoms. Homeopath prescribes the medicines after thorough individual case taking. We advise all our patient that they should continue Homeopathic medicines in the symptom-free period as well.

5) How do you manage to treat asthma patients without having physical checkups?

As discussed above, managing asthma is a two-fold treatment where we focus to treat for long-term control. We inform our patients to keep in touch with their local doctor during acute episodes of asthma. We send medicines which helps them to improve their immunity. Slowly the frequency and duration of acute attacks reduce. Also, the Asthmatics on homeopathy may steadily reduce the use of conventional medicines.

6) Can I take conventional as well as homeopathic medicines together in asthma?

Yes, why not? The ultimate aim is to benefit the patient and overcome this cyclical disease. Conventional medicines are boon in acute episodes to control the symptoms immediately and homeopathic medicines act curatively in order to prevent further attacks. Both the medicines acts on different planes hence there is no interaction or adverse effects.

7) We have taken homeopathic medicines in past without effect, can homeopathy still benefit?

Answer: Different homeopaths have a different approach to patients. It does not mean that if homeopathy has not worked once it will not show effect again. At My Similia we have a constitutional approach towards every case which shows good results in a majority of cases. Also have a look at our article 7 Points To Assess In Your Asthma Treatment to understand if your treatment is on track or not.

8) I have asthma, conventional medicines control the episodes, then what is the role of homeopathy?

Answer: Asthma being a disease for which Conventional medicine has got no cure. You have to take the treatment (that is the inhalers), lifelong. Homeopathy, on the other hand, reduces the dependence on inhalers.

9) Does online treatment work for Asthma?

Yes. It does work. We have plenty of first-hand experience in treating asthma online.

Following points makes online treatment worthwhile:

Accessible and Convenient – You get high-quality professional homeopath wherever you are in the world.

Confidential – We use encrypted technology and have trained professionals. Thus, it ensures complete confidentiality.

Affordable – As there is no need to come personally traveling cost is cut down and you can contact us any number of times as required during the course of treatment without any extra charge.

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