About My Similia

Dr. Bhalchandra Raval  joined together for spreading modern homeopathy to the patients in India and worldwide.


In 2008, when they completed their post graduation in homeopathic medicine, they started to practice in different domains and used to discuss cases and their respective treatments. This habit made them meet frequently and have a more professional look at each others cases. This gave birth to a project for working together as a team. Both of them took up the challenge to standardize homeopathic practice and to make it available to masses not only using the principles which are core to Homeopathy, but also applying modern methods.

Why MySimilia

At Mysimilia, we ensure that every team member harbors an empathetic attitude for eliciting the symptoms from patients. Also, the doctor must have a professional approach in executing the treatment plan. We, at My Similia, are devoted to the cause of homeopathy; be it with the spread of information on a specific disease or treatment of the diseases, which by any standard does not have any credible cure in contemporary medicines. We continuously assess our Interrogative methods. While adhering to the basics of Homeopathic case taking, we never lose the aim to obtain specific expressions of a particular disease manifestation. Especially, these lead us to the Remedy. My Similia homeopathic center is viewed as a modern, dynamic, progressive and successful homeopathic center

We aim to provide a standard framework of treatment. Also, understanding the chances of recovery, we estimate the charges of treatment methods beforehand.

  • All through the historical backdrop of this organization, providing world-class well-being have dependably been the trademark
  • Indeed, sincerity and transparency are the hallmarks of My Similia homeopathic center
  • The organization vows to change the method of homeopathy practice in India and abroad
  • Medicines used for dispensing are of international standards
  • We keep our patients at the center, abreast of all new technology, medical updates, and analysis, thereby benefiting them with current research-based medicines. This policy helps us to get the best medical outcomes during the treatment