Asthma Treatment in Homeopathy: What to Expect?

Asthma & Homeopathy
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The most frequently asked question we come across is whether asthma is curable with homeopathic treatment? Let us learn few facts about asthma treatment in homeopathy and childhood asthma treatment.

Adding Homeopathy in your treatment protocol for asthma will be the most important and satisfactory decision you will take this year.

Now, let’s brush up your knowledge!

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a long-term (chronic) and cyclical disease where a person may feel symptom-free for months together but in most cases, the air-tubes remain inflamed and sensitive to triggers. An episode (commonly called as an attack) of asthma can be triggered by many common trigger factors.

Homeopathy treatment helps in reduction of chronic inflammation of air-tubes and increases the person’s capacity to fight asthma triggers.

Do you know what are the probable Causes of Asthma?

Researchers fail to understand the exact cause of asthma. But, as they’ve found it to run in families, the genetic link can be one of the causes. A person having a genetic tendency to develop asthma is prone to triggers like allergens, viruses, chemicals, weather change, etc.  

These exposures to triggers in people with genetic tendency to develop asthma might change the way the immune system develops. Having frequent colds as a child might affect long-term lung function.

Homeopathy medicines help to improve the immunity and reduces the frequency and duration of asthma attacks.


300 million individuals currently are suffering from asthma globally.1

In normal conditions childhood asthma develops into adult asthma in about 36% cases. In severe cases of childhood asthma, there are 85 % chances of the continuation of asthma in adulthood.

Asthma is a fairly common disorder of the airways, About 300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma.

Homeopathy treatment significantly reduces the incidence and prevalence of asthma in adults as well as in children.


A person suffering from asthma develops inflammation in airways causing redness and swelling. This inflammation makes the airways sensitive to anything which is inhaled through the nose. So, common triggers which increase the inflammation and swelling are allergens, mold, weather changes, viruses, or chemicals.

Whenever a person suffering from asthma comes in contact with these trigger factors the inflammatory process in airways starts acting. They begin making the airways narrow, ultimately making it difficult to breathe.

Common asthma symptoms are a cough, wheeze, shortness of breath, and/or chest tightness. Late night and early morning are the periods which aggravate these symptoms.

Treatment of asthma

Managing asthma is two-fold treatment.

In acute attacks: Basically, this is the period of active symptoms of asthma where patients demand a quick relief. Hence almost all the current treatments are focused on this aspect. In this phase combination of homeopathic as well as conventional medicines may be taken.

In symptom-free period: There are no known remedies in traditional medicine which can reduce the asthma attacks and increase the symptom-free period. Here comes the excellence of homeopathy in treating asthma.

As every individual is different and responds to different environmental factors differently showing different symptoms. Hence, homeopathy ensures prescription of medicines after thorough individual case taking. We need to continue Homeopathic medicines, even in the symptom-free period. Also, have a look at our article 7 Points To Assess In Your Asthma Treatment to understand if your treatment is on track or not.

Role of Homeopathy

Primarily Homeopathy reduces the frequency and severity of attacks.

In boosting the immune system in order to fight the common infections easily Homeopathy thereby reduces the chances of trigger to asthma.

Asthma treatment with Homeopathy boosts the immunity in such a way that need for conventional medicines is reduced over a period of time.

Indeed, it increases the capacity of the body to fight against the future attacks.

Of course, Childhood asthma treatment with Homeopathy helps in reducing the chances of developing adult asthma.

A person can control asthma by knowing the alarm signs of an asthma attack. Therefore, staying away from things that cause an attack, and following your doctor’s advice is helpful.

Homeopathy helps in reducing the symptoms such as wheezing or coughing. Also, it reduces breathlessness, thus providing a good night sleep and reduces the need to visit a hospital.

Most people are able to control their asthma symptoms by taking medications and avoiding triggers. With the right Homeopathic treatment of Asthma, many people with have few or no symptoms. Better still, they can participate in normal activities. If your asthma is under control, the risk of asthma attacks and hospitalization is much lower. In case of childhood asthma treatment with the help of Homeopathy. And, you will actually see your child attending more days in school! 

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