Can We Take Homeopathy For Allergies?

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Can we take Homeopathy for Allergies? Or How effective is Homeopathy for Allergies? Well, these are the common questions which we, in our daily clinical practice, routinely answer. So, in this article, we’ll discuss exactly the same.

First of all, there are numerous Allergies. Not only the Allergens differ in the form it comes in contact with our body, but also in the intensity of its effect. Furthermore, it may affect at any stage of life. Finally, allergens have its effect on the different sphere of our body, in different people.

For someone, allergy essentially means nasal discharge. Yet others suffer frequently with an allergic cough. Still quite a number of people have only skin allergy that they can think about. Although, there are many symptoms which are presented since the person is affected with some allergy or the other. For example, throat pain, headache, loose motions, or mouth ulcers, etc. A minority of the population is such that they have many parts affected by the onset of allergies.

The response, of the human body, to any specific allergen, is basically an immune response. While in infections the immunity is weak; in allergies, the immune response is more than what is necessary, often unnecessary.

Why Homeopathy for Allergies?

This question naturally arises in many minds. Now, there are many over the counter medicines available which have a strong action against allergies. Even a regular doctor prescribes many such combinations. So, why Homeopathy?

As we all know, numerous other medicines which are available definitely have an instant effect. But, their effect does not last long enough. The initial improvement is indeed noteworthy. Sometime later though, we feel the need to continue the medicine. Either the same dose doesn’t work that effectively, or after the effect, wanes off Allergic reaction comes to the fore. Seems that Allopathic medicines just can’t remove the sensitivity of the body. They are perfect for removing the temporary effects of the reaction.

Homeopathy, on the other hand, may or may not have such a strong result initially. Surely though, correct Homeopathic medicine works wonders in an Allergic case. Also, Homeopathy has a lasting effect on any allergies. For that to happen, a patient must take the medicine for probably 6-7 months or as the case may be. Longer the period from which a person is suffering, a little more time he or she has to take the medicine.

How effective is Homeopathy for Allergies?

Homeopaths all over have known it for a fact, that a correct homeopathic medicine has helped cure many allergies. However, there is no panacea for any single ailment. A specific remedy may have worked in certain allergic cases may not be effective in all the other allergic cases. A homeopathic doctor always individualizes the case at hand. Thus, a better-individualized case stands the best chance of recovery.

Homeopathic medicines effectively treat many allergies such as Allergic Rhinitis, Allergic Cough, Allergic Dermatitis, etc. Here, the physician focuses his efforts on reducing the frequency of the allergic reactions. Further, he tries to lessen the intensity of any subsequent allergic episodes. Possibly, he endeavors to decrease the duration of the allergic attack.

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