Arthritis and Its Homeopathic Treatment in India

Homeopathic Treatment For Arthritis The Solution We Are Waiting For

Homeopathic treatment for Arthritis is useful to reduce the inflammation and increase the functionality of joints. Arthritis is a term indicating disorders of joints showing different grades of inflammation. A joint functions by moving the connected bones. Arthritis causes inflammation READ MORE

ACL Injury: What You Need to Know?

Although knee injury is pretty common in people with moderate to heavy exercise, ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury is relatively less common. Nonetheless, the incidence of ACL injury is increasing for some time. What we will learn in this article READ MORE

Pulled Back by IBS

Pulled Back by IBS? Homeopathy will Bring Back Sprite to Your Life

Cure IBS with Homeopathy It is most commonly said nowadays that there is no cure for IBS. After treating few numbers of cases successfully we dare to disagree with the statement.  A combination of dietary changes and suitable homeopathic medicines READ MORE