Dissolve kidney stones with homeopathy, without surgery!

kidney stones
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What are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones, typically called urolithiasis, are deposition of rigid mineral salts over kidney’s inner surface of urinal tract portion.


Kidney stones are asymptomatic until the stone’s structure is small enough to be passed on its own by drinking a good amount of water. But unfortunately, in other cases, it becomes difficult and very painful for an individual to overcome with kidney stones. In this scenario, one requires professional and concerned help from a trustable source.

Opt for homeopathy and leave the pain from kidney stones behind without surgery as Homeopathic treatment is undoubtedly a surgery trauma relieving option.

Homeopathy not only helps in removing the stones but also reduces the tendency to form new stones. Kidney stones are more common than it is thought to be. Although it a painful condition but it can be treated effectively and permanently with Homeopathy.

Individuals who have not suffered from kidney stones pain must consider themselves lucky, as it is one of the most painful condition and quite common too. The probable incidence of kidney stones is one in five for males and one in ten for females, once in a lifetime.

Kidney stone formation is in many ways related to the lifestyle of a person. Its major causes being the less intake of water and lack of water in the body. Kidney Stones are quite common during summer and in people who have a smaller amount of water consumption especially having a lifestyle which tends to dehydrate them a lot.

How much pain is having a Kidney Stone?

People who have experienced kidney stone pains describe it as worse than pain due to fracture or burns. It causes sharp pain in the lower back extending till the groin. This spasmodic pain makes sitting or sleeping difficult. It may lead to difficulty in passing urine and sometimes they also experience blood in urine.

Most common kidney stones are formed due to calcium deposits. These are hard stones and mostly seen in vegetarians. The other common variety is uric acid stone. These are light and commonly found in non-vegetarians.

Treatment for Kidney Stones

In a considerable amount of cases where there is a single stone formation and it is less than 7 mm, the stone may pass on its own without any treatment.

In the majority of cases where there are multiple stones of different sizes, it requires medicines as well as lifestyle changes.

Kidney stones can be effectively treated with homeopathy medicines. It helps in passing the stone and relieves the pain. It also helps in reducing the chances of new stone formation.


Treatment work for Kidney stones

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in flushing out kidney stones. All types of stones whether small or big are treatable with homeopathy. There are different types of medicines, some of which helps in stone expulsion, others help in dissolving the stones, and some constitutional medicines which help in preventing the recurrence.

At Mysimila, we take a detailed case history is taken from the patient which comprises of his present complaints, past and family history. Total constitution of the patient is studied and individualized medicine is chosen which helps in breaking the tendency to form stones.

Few preventive tips for getting rid of Kidney Stones

1) First and foremost thing is to keep oneself hydrated. At least 3 liters of water must be consumed daily and in summers it should cross the 4 liters mark.

2) Exercise in moderation as sudden weight loss may lead to stone formation because of fat destruction.

3) A person already having stones must drink at least 4 liters of water daily and must pass urine frequently and on time.

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