My Experience With Vitiligo And It’s Homeopathy Treatment.

Vitiligo treatment experience
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It has been an amazing journey from being a seeker of medical knowledge to being an expert on certain chronic and recurring diseases. Sharing my thoughts on vitiligo may help those who are interested in knowing vitiligo especially the patients.

I always considered vitiligo as a dreadful as well as harmless disease. Dreadful in a sense that it affects the suffering person emotionally as well as socially, on the other hand, harmless in the sense that it does not pose any serious health issues.

What causes vitiligo?

Hundreds of people have asked me this question and every time while replying, to give a satisfactory answer was a challenge.

People come with so many anxieties like will it increase? Is it spreading? Will it lead to some other disease?. It gives immense pleasure to solve all these anxieties. Patients are free to make a free of cost inquiry at our website

Sadly, we cannot pinpoint a single cause which leads to vitiligo. There are a number of theories put forwarded by different experts which holds water.

The most common theory which comes close is considering vitiligo as an autoimmune disease. Some consider it a cellular disease. In a few cases, some doctors correlate it with the use of chemicals. Further, researchers have considered genes to be a major cause.

Many scientific studies were done in order to check which one is correct. To sum up, it was found that most of the theories were correct. To simplify things vitiligo is a multifactorial disease. Hense, more than one cause is present.

A combination of various factors such as autoimmunity (where body’s defense mechanism mistakenly attacks its own cells.), genetic factors (positive family history of vitiligo or other autoimmune diseases), etc., causes Vitiligo

What brings about this autoimmunity? Researchers all over the world have different opinions. There are varieties of factors which may be responsible, like emotional stress, genetic factors, injuries, use of immunosuppressive medicines, hormonal changes, etc.

Vitiligo diagnosis and spread

An expert Skin doctor is easily able to diagnose Vitiligo. However, sometimes he may use a Woods lamp to confirm the diagnosis.

There is no scientific tool or test available to measure or predict the spread of vitiligo. It is difficult to say how much color a person may lose but in the majority of cases, it is very slow in spreading except in a few cases.

In my opinion, raising awareness about vitiligo is very important among the sufferers as well as family members.

My experience in treatment with homeopathy

I always say the earlier the better. Many times patients come after taking a lot of “strong” medicines. No doubt, such medicines do produce an initial improvement. However, vitiligo invariably increases after stopping medicines.

Do think of Homeopathy as a primary choice of treatment in all vitiligo cases.

Based on my experience, after treating a few hundreds of cases of vitiligo I am able to lay a short prediction for different stages of vitiligo.

  • Homeopathy medicine easily heals a recent affection of vitiligo.
  • Also, homeopathy is effective in vitiligo if nobody has given any conventional medicine.
  • A single patch or few small spots of vitiligo responds better.
  • Children and young adults respond better.
  • Large and old spots or patches are difficult to manage but are definitely controllable and to some extent, bringing back color can be achieved.
  • Vitiligo affecting both sides of the body with family history is challenging, even incurable in certain cases.
  • Vitiligo affecting junctions where skin meets the mucous surface, like fingertips, lips, genitals, etc is again difficult to remedy but chances of recovery are surely present.
Duration of treatment

It solely depends on the stage and extent of the disease.

The homeopathic approach to vitiligo

  • The first thing to focus is to control the disease process (vitiligo being a progressive disease) and to stop the spread.
  • The second focus is to bring back the lost color on the affected areas.
  • Treatment focuses on root causes. Thereby, it brings out long-lasting recovery.
  • Individualized constitutional treatment acts on an overactive immune system to reduce the destruction of skin melanocytes.
  • One more positive side is that homeopathic medicines are completely safe even if taken for a long duration.


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