Homeopathy for Psoriasis? Yes please!

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Owing to the breathtaking results shown by different homeopathic doctors, people now consider homeopathy as the first choice of treatment in psoriasis. Homeopathy for psoriasis aims at complete recovery as well as avoidance of relapses.

It is always a pleasure to treat a fresh case of psoriasis where the person has not taken any other form of treatment. Still many patients coming to us have already tried one or more forms of conventional treat­ment. Most of the times those treatments have been helpful in clearing the skin eruptions. However, the results have been temporary and psoriasis tends to come back at some stage or the other. These patients come to us looking for a permanent solution, while some of them only expect to reduce the use of conventional medicines and steroid creams.

All forms and stages of psoriasis are effectively treatable with homeopathy treatment.

Homeopathy approach towards psoriasis

Homeopathy for psoriasis- Constitutional approach

This is the most effective approach. In this, Homeopath treats the person as a whole and not merely with the diagnosis of psoriasis. It aims at increasing the self-healing capacity of the body. Thus, the homeopath not only takes down the symptoms of psoriasis but also the general health of the patient and how he/she is reacting to the environment. Most importantly, the emotional aspect of the patient is also considered in evaluating the case.

Symptomatic approach

In this approach, we consider only the psoriasis symptoms. Specific medicines are prescribed to control the flare-ups and to clear the eruptions from the skin.

We at My Similia follow the constitutional approach towards a psoriasis case but more often we combine the two approaches. It allows us to prescribe asymptomatic skin remedy for flare­ups or to control the disease and simultaneously treating the person as a whole with a constitutional remedy.

Choosing the right remedy in each particular case

While choosing similimum (best suited homeopathic remedy), we consider a number of factors. The first thing we look out for is the trigger factor. It becomes extremely important if we can make out the reason which has triggered the onset of symptoms. For example, if the psoriasis symptoms started after some emotional trauma then it may give us a group of remedies which covers the ailment from grief.

Now once we get the group of remedies, then we have to differentiate which particular remedy suits in a given case. Here the reaction of the patient is important, that is their own particular way of reacting or dealing with the trauma. The patient may react to a similar situation of grief in a different way which helps us in selecting the best-suited remedy from the group of medicines.

Physical symptoms are also necessary while collecting the totality of symptoms. The location of the psoriasis patches may differ from patient to patient. In few cases eruptions are at the margin of the hair, sometimes the eruptions are behind the ears and in the folds of skin, in other cases, pustular eruptions may be seen affecting the palms and soles of feet. Different locations call for different medicine selection.

Identifying The Trigger Factors

Another necessary factor in selecting the medicine is the factor which increases or relieves the symptoms. Suppose the itching is relieved in warmth then it becomes a characteristic feature for that particular case. Another example, Certain Food intake increase the severity of eruption. We may not see this in every case of psoriasis but whenever these symptoms are present, it helps in remedy selection.

Homeopathy for psoriasis is like studying the different aspects of the suffering individual. It covers the tendencies, genetic factors, and the disease symptoms, hence curing of the roots.

Few cases treated at My Similia Homeopathy

Case study 1

Mrs. Usha, 45 yrs, a female was referred to us by one of our patients in August 2017 for the treatment of her psoriasis. She was suffering from severe psoriasis on palms and soles for 5 years and this was the second outbreak in her life. Previous lesions were treated with conventional medicines with partial relief.

The first time lesions of psoriasis appeared when she was going through a lot of emotional stress during her divorce. The second outbreak started after her only daughter married against her wish. Since then her psoriasis has never gone completely from her body.

She always felt weak and hopeless. There was a constant feeling of getting cheated. When we saw her palms and soles were in a terrible condition. There was a lot of itching and scaling. The most characteristic feature was thickening of the skin with cracks. Cracks were painful.

Considering the grief factor, sense of injustice, the location of lesions (palms and soles), severe itching and cracks, I prescribed for her, a constitutional medicine. We saw that in three months time her psoriasis started to improve. Medicines reduced the cracks. Eruptions were more than 40% better and itching had reduced by 70%.

There had been a great recovery in about six months time. Our medicines affected an almost 80% reduction in her psoriasis. Only when she missed her doses then her itching was worrying her.

We continued the medicines for another four months and she is now completely free of the symptoms. Although, I advised her to continue medicines to avoid relapses.

She has done extremely well with the treatment. Even though there is still a lot of stress in her life, she is able to deal with it and feels good about herself.

Case study 2

Miss Swati, a 25 years female registered for online treatment for psoriasis in March 2017. She had psoriasis eruptions over different parts of the body, majorly over forearms and legs. Multiple, small crusty eruptions were present along with a lot of itching.

She was a good painter and very confident in her abilities. She never considered her psoriasis to be anything which will stop her. But things started to change when her parents talked about her marriage proposals.

Her parents wanted her to hide psoriasis and get married but she was against this. She tried different forms of treatment in 5 years and was almost hopeless of recovery.

When we saw her first time she had thick, yellow crusty patches of psoriasis on her forearms, legs and few eruptions on the scalp.

In view of her totality of symptoms including her emotional appearance, the site of lesions and her general symptoms, I prescribed her a constitutional medicine. Also, I considered general symptoms like the desire for cold water, liking for seafood and family history of psoriasis.

Initially, her psoriasis lesions increased. That was a rebound effect of stopping steroid creams. The suppressed eruptions were resurfacing. After a short increase, it started reducing.

She did well for five months then suddenly there was a relapse. She had an acute throat infection with fever and went to take antibiotics. Again, I analyzed her case and changed the medicines.

Over the next six months, she did extremely well. All her eruptions cleared and now she is completely out of it. Hence, I advised her to stop the medicines.

About three months, she contacted again for itching in scalp but no skin eruptions. A short course of two months medicines settled it. She is doing well since then and looking for marriage proposals with a free mind.


In our view, Homeopathy for psoriasis treatment is best suited. Properly selected medicines show healing and transformation on a deep level which comprises improvement of psoriasis as well as healing on an emotional and more general level. Homeopathy brings on the natural healing powers of the body.

Written by Dr. Sagar Bhutada, MD in Homeopathic medicine. Practicing as a full-time Homeopath and co-founder of online homeopathy at https://mysimilia.com

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