My Similia, an advanced clinic to encounter chronic diseases.

Treatment to chronic diseases
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My Similia Advanced Homeopath Clinic.

My Similia Advanced Homeopath Clinic offers scientific homoeopathy treatment. We use modern techniques to reach everyone. We have a team of professionals. Our patients always get the advantage of advanced technology. To know more click here.


Why My Similia?

There are hundreds of homoeopathic clinics but here is a list of things which makes my similia a unique treatment option.

  • The chance to understand your disease and scope of treatment before starting the treatment:

Our patients have an advantage of free consultation with doctors. Here they can discuss their case in details and understand the scope of treatment.

  • Breaking the time and distance barrier:

We are available 24/7, and offer our services across the globe. We use the latest technology which consists of user-friendly patient support system. Patients are able to send their questionnaire, investigation reports and disease photos easily through their own account.

  • Getting world-class treatment at the doorstep:

My Similia is managed by Dr. Sagar Bhutada MD (Hom.) and. They have got the highest degree in homeopathy along with more than 20 years of combined experience. With the help of Skype, we help them to connect with our doctors from the comfort of their homes. After taking a detailed case, medicines are delivered to the home.

  • Selection of remedy:

Getting desired results from homeopathic treatment depends upon various factors such as

1 – Detailed case taking,

2 – Analysis and evaluation of symptoms and

3 – Remedy selection along with the potency.

All this procedure requires expertise and experience. Remedy selection at my similia is done with utmost care and effort.

Laying a treatment protocol- In treating chronic diseases is important. Just selection of remedy is not enough. What potency to choose, when to repeat the doses, etc are as important as remedy selection. Desired results are obtained when all the requirements are done properly.

Importance of diagnosis:

Many times homeopaths are criticized for not making the right diagnosis. And even not giving a due respect to diagnosis. At my similia, we give a major importance to diagnosis as treatment protocol differs with a diagnosis.

For example- If a person is diagnosed to have asthma then the treatment protocol is planned in acute as well as symptom-free period. In other cases such as trigeminal neuralgia or nephritic syndrome, it may be necessary to take help of conventional medicines for immediate relief or control and homeopathic medicines can be used to treat the root cause and eliminate the disease.

Diagnosis also helps in understanding the different stages of the disease. And whether the treatment is going in right direction or not as a disappearance of symptoms may not always be the cure.

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