Nipah Virus Infection and How Homeopathy Can Help

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Homeopathy is helpful in a range of Infections. In this article, we will look at the basic causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment part of the Nipah Virus infection (NiV).

Causes of Nipah Virus Infection

To understand any disease, we need to study its causes in detail. So, let’s one by one learn the points from which the NiV infection occurs.

  1. Fruit bats and Pigs are the primary sources of infection. Infected Fruit-Bat bites the fruits. And, humans, if they happen to eat the same, gets infected with NiV.
  2. Many people drink Toddy. Since Brewer prepares Toddy from Palm sap, infected palm sap is the reason for infection being spread in Humans. Even Toddy, if anybody prepares it in open space, near an infected Palm( by droppings of infected bats, humans contact the infection.
  3. Infected human carries and further infect the healthy humans.
  4. A person, if he eats infected Pork, easily contacts the infection. Also, an infected animal can readily pass on the infection to the human in their vicinity.

Sign and Symptoms

Further, to effectively treat any disease, we need to know about its presentation. Hence, let’s identify its symptoms in detail.

  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • A headache
  • Fainting

In some of the cases, Nipah Virus infection can also bring about blurred vision, vomiting, choking, stomachache and fatigue.

In severe cases, we may even see that the affected person is drowsy and disoriented.

A person may quickly fall into a coma within 24 to 48 hrs of onset of symptoms. Further, late-onset Encephalitis is a common event.

On the contrary, a person may be a carrier of the infection without any of the above-mentioned sign or symptoms


ELISA and PCR tests confirm the diagnosis of Nipah Virus infection.

Help of Homeopathy

As with the conventional medicine, even Homeopathy helps in mitigating the symptoms. Common Homeopathy medicine such as Eupatorium perf. and Gelsemium can be thought on the first impression basis.

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