Osteoarthritis Common Queries Answered By Dr. Sagar Bhutada

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Osteoarthritis is a rapidly increasing disorder. So here we would like to dispel some doubts and answer some common questions.

1) What caused my Arthritis?

This is the most common question which we come across while treating different types of arthritis patients. Honestly, there is no single cause which we can pinpoint. Although, in most of the cases, multiple factors are responsible for the development of Arthritis.

First of all, let us understand what is Arthritis?

Arthritis simply means inflammation of joint(s), it is a loose term used to describe more than 100 conditions that may affect joints, the tissues, and connective tissue. 

Basically, Osteoarthritis is the most common form of Arthritis. However, there are other common diseases which are commonly termed arthritis, are gout, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Common symptoms

  • Aching & painful joints
  • Stiffness in joints
  • Swelling in and around one or more joints

Further, some of the forms of arthritis described above are usually related to a weakened immune system.

Causes of Arthritis

Genetic tendency to get arthritis is the commonest cause for arthritis. Furthermore, it is commonly an aging process. Other causes may include conditions such as, injuries to joints, weight gain, diabetes, hormonal disorders, etc.

It is important to diagnose which form of arthritis you are suffering from. Once the diagnosis is made the treatment protocol can be managed accordingly.

Facts to remember

Arthritis is a common term, people use, to describe various diseases. It is important to form a proper diagnosis about which form of arthritis you suffer from. Early diagnosis and treatment help in better results as some form of arthritis can cause a variety of symptoms and make a person disable.

Physical activities have an important role to play in reliving the symptoms

Common causes are injuries, metabolic diseases like diabetes, genetic tendency, certain infections, and abnormal immune system.

2) What is the best treatment for osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis definitely requires a planned protocol for the treatment. Hence, early diagnosis always helps. Also, the treatment must aim at controlling pain with minimal side effects, arrest the disease process, minimize the chances of joint damage, and improve or maintain the quality of life.

Treatment includes medication as well as lifestyle changes to achieve protection of joints from further damage.

Treatment routine must have:

> Drugs with minimal side effects
> Other therapies like occupational therapy
> Help with splints
> Patient education and support is of utmost importance
> Weight loss
> Last option is surgery or joint replacement

Homeopathy Management

Homeopathy acts very well in all cases of osteoarthritis. It helps in relieving the pain significantly. Primarily, in early stages of disease homeopathic medicines slows down the degenerative process. Most cases respond well as far as the long-term pain relief is concerned. 

3) Why does the weather affect my Osteoarthritis symptoms?

Although arthritis can affect you throughout the year, the winter and wet weather makes it harder to manage. Few patients have claimed to predict rainfall as a result of a rise in the level of pain in their joints.

A study was carried out to find out the reason behind such development. It was understood that the factor that may be responsible for increased pain may not be cold or cold weather but due to change in atmospheric pressure. As the winter or cold weather approaches this atmospheric pressure drops.

Osteoarthritis often affects people living in a dry climate with frequent weather changes.
Another reason is change in exercise routine after a change in weather such as the rainy season. So, this lack of physical activities adds on arthritis pain.

What to do?
Keeping a general warmth is the key. Dress warmly especially in legs and hands. Indeed, exercise regularly.


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