Taking Conventional Medicine Along with Homeopathy: Parallel Treatment

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There are instances in Medical practice, which need unique mention. One such practice is taking multiple treatments for a single disease. Patients, often in some need for a quick recovery, resort to different medicines for his suffering. Many a time patients would want to continue with other treatment, even while starting Homeopathy. Similarly, he might be taking conventional medicines for an illness and wants to take Homeopathy for some other illness. This article deals with such cases of parallel treatment.

I would also touch upon the subject of a common misconception in people about parallel treatment. ‘ Taking conventional medicine along with Homeopathy is not good’. ‘If you take allopathic medicine 1 or 2 hours prior to homeopathy, it is fine’. ‘You can take Allopathic medicines and Homeopathic medicines together.’

All these are speculation, as well as blanket remarks. Many diseases require a specific strategy. We can not generalize the combination treatment. I would put forth, in following lines, the reasons for doing the same.

Continue Parallel Treatment

Sometimes it is essential for them to continue the former treatment. As in some cases of Hypothyroidism, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes etc., it is not advisable to stop/ suddenly withdraw the allopathic medicines. The reason being, the Allopathic drug helps keep the equilibrium A sudden withdrawal in these cases upsets that balance. This holds true in some cases treated with cortisone as well. Although cortisone, and the like drugs, are harmful to the body in long run.

Multiple Treatment Needless

Some other times it is not required to continue with the other treatment. As in some cases, Allopathic medicines have given no effects, positive or negative.

Parallel Treatment Harms

Still, at times it is fit to end the Parallel Treatment. For the simple reason that common medicine, rather than helping the person, harm him.

We highly recommend that you must inform your doctor about any parallel treatment you are taking. Even if you are about to undertake some treatment when the Homeopathy medicine is going on, do speak to your doctor about the same.


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