Real Cause of Common Cold

real cause of common cold
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A common cold is a condition which everybody experiences at least once or twice a year. It is allegedly due to some viral infection or some kind of allergy. Most of the time it is “self-limiting” condition, which basically means that after running it’s course it goes away on its own. Read further for knowing the real Cause of Common Cold.

When a person starts getting frequent attacks of common cold it becomes more difficult to treat. It is very commonly termed as an allergy or hypersensitivity or frequent viral infections.

Choosing a correct mode of treatment along with lifestyle changes gives best results.

Whatever may be the cause, Doctors treat it usually, with antihistamine medicines or some anti-allergic medicines. Unfortunately, nobody considers the real cause for getting these frequent colds. Many a time antibiotics are prescribed without any proper indication. Then people start taking over the counter cold medicines, which makes the matter worse.

The Real Cause of Common Cold

Is low immune function responsible?
An underactive immune system is indeed guilty. The immune system is responsible for protecting the body against infections. And, frequent infections are a sign of weak immunity. Therefore, efforts to strengthen the immune system is perhaps the answer in achieving resistance to the diseases and reducing the sensitivity to get frequent colds and flues.
Steps to strengthen the immune system consists of promoting a healthy lifestyle, stress management, exercise, diet, and the suitable use of herbal homeopathic medicines.

A Vicious Cycle

A weak immune system results in repeated and chronic infections. This weakened immune system may arise from the inherited tendency to get infections.
Low immunity leads to frequent infections, in turn causing further damage to the immune system, which further weakens resistance. So, we need to enhance the immune system to break this cycle.

Common Causes For Low Immune Function

Genetics, hereditary factors define the immune system.
Emotional state considering level of stress,
dietary habits
and nutritional status (Nutrient deficiency is an important factor for low immunity)

Treatment and Prevention of Frequent Common Colds

The aim of the treatment must not be to kill the viruses or bacterias. Some, mistakenly consider them guilty for causing colds. A Homeopath aims treatment at building the immune system to fight against frequent infections. Homeopathic medicine works on real Cause of Common Cold. Thus, Herbal homeopathic medicines prescribed after a detailed case taking always gives favorable results.

Does Homeopathic Medicine Take Real Cause of Common Cold Into Account? 

Homeopath select medicines on the basis of causative and triggering factors like Genetic tendency, Infections, Allergens, Environmental factors, Poor health, stress, use of certain medicines, etc.
‘Altered or weakened immunity’ is a basic operative factor. Hence we see that Homeopathic medicines work at the immune level by enhancing immunity thereby limiting frequent colds.

Tips to keep cold at bay

  • Do avoid meeting many people while you suffer from cold, it will help to stop it’s spread.
  • Keep yourself comfortably warm and drink plenty of fluids. Thus, drinking lukewarm water helps to reduce congestion.
  • For a sore throat, a warm salt-water gargle may help.
  • Do avoid Antibiotic use for common colds, notably in children. There is no proven theory indicating the use of antibiotics.
  • Further, for acute colds avoid taking multiple medicines at a time without doctor’s advice.
  • Also, washing your hands frequently with warm soap and water is a good habit to reduce infections.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing and coughing, If a tissue is not available then coughing into your elbow is better than covering your mouth with your hands, which helps in stopping the spread.

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