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I will personally recommend My Similia for all cases of hair fall.....

Mrs. R.R a 32 years old techie contacted us for her problem of hair fall. She was in a profession of developing websites and marketing. She found our website very informative and decided to contact us.

She had this problem of hair fall since she came to Mumbai. Before marriage she was residing at Rajkot. She used to get a lot of hair fall, 100 to 150 strands per day since 6 months. It was causing thinning of hair. She did not had dandruff. She explained that hair used to fall in bunches while combing, after bath. Her thyroid levels and haemoglobin were in normal limits.
While evaluating her emotional side she stated that she was under emotional stress related to her job. Earlier it was easy to handle but once she shifted to Mumbai she was made the marketting head of her company which meant a lot of extra pressure. Coping with mumbai lifestyle and work pressure was becoming stressful for her.
Here lied the cause for her hair loss. Emotional strain can be one of the important factor for hair loss.
After studying her case details we prescribed her constitutional medicines for her and advised her to reduce her stress to some extent.
At 2 months follow up she noted that her hair fall had reduced by around 20% and she felt that dryness of hair also reduced. She was sent next batch of medicines.
At 4 months follow up her hair fall was 50% better and she said that the amount of hair fall has reduced to 50 to 70 strands per day. She was happy to note that she was able to handle stress better.
At 6 months follow up her hair fall problem was completely better, hair regrowth was also noticed and she happily said that I will personally recommend My Similia for all cases of hair fall. She agreed to give a video testimonial so that other patients should get advantage of our website. Her video testimonial is uploaded in the website.