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Case Studies

Case Studies

Case studies at my similia are not just a proof of our success in difficult and chronic diseases; it is a record and process of research into the treatment protocol followed by us. Every successfully treated case has got a story behind it which contains struggle, hope, and many such emotions. Explore such case reviews and get encouraged for healing.

Thanks to My Similia for curing my 10 years old son from vitiligo.

Hi I am Mrs Pandey and I consulted My similia doctors 10 months back. My son was having vitiligo patches on face and neck since a year. It was spreading and no treatment was working for him. Many thanks to one of my friend who suggested to consult My Similia.

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With lot of apprehension and a lot of questions a lady came with a 10 years old child for the treatment of vitiligo.

Before noting down the complaints we preffered to answer her queries. Once satisfied we began with the case. The boy was having multiple vitiligo spots on face, around eyes, at the base of the nose, neck, etc. The number of spots were gradually increasing.

In the family history we found out that her mother had hypothyroid and grandmother had diabetes mallitus. 

After a detailed case study he was prescribed a constitutional medicine along with our reseaerch based medicines for 2 months.

At two months follow up he reported with reduced growyh of the patches and to our delight there were no new spots. Although there was no repigmentation but treatment was going in right direction. His medicines were continued with increased potency.

At four months follow up he happily reported to show that two og his small spots have been repigmented. Others were also regressing.

Wihin 8 months treatment 80% improvement was seen. He is advised to continue the treatment for another four months for complete recovery. 

My 2 years old girl was successfully treated for vitiligo within 6 months.

This case study of a 2 years old girl child with vitiligo was a learning experience for us. Miss K.J.G a 2 years old girl (case file number- 768) registered with us having vitiligo around her mouth. Parents could recognise it to be vitiligo as they were both suffering from vitiligo since years.

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Vitiligo spots were seen since 6 months and it made both the parents worried as they knew it to be a chronic disease. They visited their physician who was treating them for vitiligo and he was of the opinion that it may spread fast as the child is having a strong family history.
She was treated with ayurvedic medicines as well as few local ointments. Parents were not satisfied as it was spreading slowly and many new spots seemed to be appearing elsewhere on the body.
They came to know about us through one of our existing patient whom we treated for eczema. Patient’s father got in touch with us via phone call and we discussed at length about the disease as well as its possible outcomes. He was happy as for the first time he got his answers in professional manner without being forced to go for the treatment.
Patient got registered on 1st of february 2017 and all her details were collected through a detailed questionnaire. Photos of affected areas were also collected for further reference.
Her first batch of medicines were sent with instructions to take the medicines. Parents were advised not to examine the patches on regular basis.
On first follow up comparative photos were sent and it was noticed that vitiligo spots were same as before without many changes. Although father was happy to state that no new spots were noticed.
Second batch of medicines were sent with increased potency. On giving follow up parents were happy to state that spots have reduced and fading.
In 6 months time vitiligo spots reduced by 80%. Parents were very happy. Her treatment is still continued for complete recovery and to avoid relapses.
This case proved that homeopathic medicines are very effective in early cases of vitiligo in children.