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Case Studies

Case Studies

Case studies at my similia are not just a proof of our success in difficult and chronic diseases; it is a record and process of research into the treatment protocol followed by us. Every successfully treated case has got a story behind it which contains struggle, hope, and many such emotions. Explore such case reviews and get encouraged for healing.

Thanks to My Similia for curing my 10 years old son from vitiligo.

Hi I am Mrs Pandey and I consulted My similia doctors 10 months back. My son was having vitiligo patches on face and neck since a year. It was spreading and no treatment was working for him. Many thanks to one of my friend who suggested to consult My Similia.

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With lot of apprehension and a lot of questions a lady came with a 10 years old child for the treatment of vitiligo.

Before noting down the complaints we preffered to answer her queries. Once satisfied we began with the case. The boy was having multiple vitiligo spots on face, around eyes, at the base of the nose, neck, etc. The number of spots were gradually increasing.

In the family history we found out that her mother had hypothyroid and grandmother had diabetes mallitus. 

After a detailed case study he was prescribed a constitutional medicine along with our reseaerch based medicines for 2 months.

At two months follow up he reported with reduced growyh of the patches and to our delight there were no new spots. Although there was no repigmentation but treatment was going in right direction. His medicines were continued with increased potency.

At four months follow up he happily reported to show that two og his small spots have been repigmented. Others were also regressing.

Wihin 8 months treatment 80% improvement was seen. He is advised to continue the treatment for another four months for complete recovery. 

I was cured for my PCOD problem within 1 year of treatment.

This case is of Miss Shraddha Rane, 27 years old female from Mumbai who came to visit Dr. Bhalchandra Raval before this website was formed, in fact, this platform was in the making. Shraddha came to us with reference from our old patient. Initially, when she came she had a lot of questions to ask about homeopathy and its efficacy. All her questions were aptly answered to her satisfaction then her case was recorded.

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She was suffering from delayed menses since the age of ten years to be diagnosed to have PCOD after a long time. Initially, she was treated with a lot of hormonal pills, gradually she used to get her periods only after taking pills. Whenever she used to get periods it was heavy flow lasting for a week or more. She decided to get herself investigated and USG pelvis confirmed the diagnosis.
She had delayed menses as well as gradual weight gain. She developed acne as well as excess hair on the face. While recording her general symptoms we found out that she had excessive sweating and lethargy. She was an outspoken person and slowly she became irritable to small issues in life. She mentioned that I feel frustrated easily. All her symptoms were properly assessed and we started treatment for her.
2 months medicines were prescribed for her. After 2 months follow-up she did not get her periods which made her worried but proper counseling from Dr. Raval made her continue with the medicines.
Her case was reassessed and another batch of medicines was given to her. Within 15 days she informed over the phone that she got her periods. She was advised to continue the medicines as these were not just hormonal pills but well selected homeopathic medicines to regularise the menses as well as to reduce the pcod.
In the next visit, she was more energetic and fresh and she described that she feels fantastic and can concentrate better on her job. She was now more positive about the outcome of treatment.
By this time our patient support system was developed and she was given her login details to communicate with us.
She gave her next follow-up through our support system and got her medicines delivered at her home.
In 1 year of regular treatment, she was completely better. She gets her periods regularly without any medication.
She readily accepted to give us a voice testimonial which we are grateful and respect her decision not to use her photograph.

We could avoid surgery for my 10 years old child, thanks to My Similia....

Master Y.S a 10 years old boy's father contacted us for the treatment of recurrent tonsillitis. Master Y.S was getting frequent pain in throat along with fever and coryza on every weather change as well as after eating any cold food or drinks. Initially he was treated with antibiotics with good effect. Antibiotics were helping him to control his acute attack of tonsillitis and he would get better but recurrence was not controlled.

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His immunity was weak and slowly he lost desire to eat partly because of frequent fever and partly because of over use of antibiotics. This cycle affected his studies to great extent. He was feeling low in confidence and started feeling something is very wrong with him as his younger brother was able to eat normally while he required to avoid all his desired food.
In view of frequent attacks of tonsillitis and swelling over the tonsils, conventional doctors suggested to go for surgery called as tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils).
Child was from Delhi, his father took him to a homeopathic doctor and they started treatment. He got good results but the frequency od attacks remained as it is. Slowly they made their mind to go for the surgery.
While surfing on internet his father came in contact with us. He had a long discussion with us about his child condition and decided to start the treatment. His case details were filled by his father. He attached all the investigation reports along with the case details.
After studying the childs case history we sent medicines for him along with list of instructions to be followed.
In 2 months follow up the child was comparatively better, his pain and coryza was under control. He was relatively symptom free and did not require any antibiotics in 2 months.
In 4 months follow up his father gave follow up over the phone and was sounding very happy about the progress of his child. He was better  by 70% and the recurrence rate was reduced by 80%. He did not require conventional pain killers nor antibiotics in last 2 months. He was coping better to new infections.
At 6 months follow up the tonsillitis was no more bothering him. He was tolerating the colds better. By the time confidence of the child was also restored. The child understood the importance of following dietary instructions and stopped comparing with his brother.