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In patients with psoriasis skin becomes red and scaly with or without itching. These scales are silver-colored plaques which appear in different sizes at different body parts. The skin becomes so dry that it may crack at joints.

It affects around 7 million people worldwide. It is commonly seen in adults although it can affect at any age. Males and females are equally affected.

Psoriasis can affect all over the body including fingernails, scalp and genitals, eyebrows, etc.  although every case may not be so extensive. It may be categorized into mild, moderate and extensive psoriasis depending upon the area of the body affected and how it affects patient’s life. The commonly affected areas are elbows, palms, knees, soles, lower back, scalp, etc. Few people may have joint pains along with psoriasis and it is called as psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriasis may be categorized into mild, moderate and extensive. It starts as a small red dot or patch and slowly spreads to become a large red and scaly patch.

Severity of psoriasis is measured by calculating how much of the body area is affected by psoriasis. It should also be measured by how psoriasis affects the quality of life of the affected individual. For example, psoriasis affecting only palms and soles may amount for less percentage of body area but it causes serious impact on individuals daily activities.

Psoriasis covering less than 3 percent of the body is considered to be mild. Psoriasis covering 3 to10 percent of the body area is moderate and if it covers more than 10 percent of body surface then it is termed as severe.

Occasionally severe itching and stinging pain.
Accumulation of silvery scales is the key feature in psoriasis.
Psoriasis is noninfectious.

There are no special blood tests or investigations to diagnose psoriasis. A trained doctor can diagnose psoriasis by having a proper look at psoriasis eruptions. Rarely a biopsy may be required to confirm psoriasis diagnosis.

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