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Adenoids Introduction

Adenoids and its significance: The adenoids are glands which makes the first line of defense in our body and are located just behind the soft palate, in the roof of the mouth, at the apex of the nose where nose connects to the throat. Adenoids are considered to be the first line of defense along with tonsils and lymph nodes, as they produce antibodies or white blood cells or protective cells, that help to fight common respiratory infections. Basically, the adenoids shrink during teenage and may disappear by adulthood.

The main role of adenoids is to filter or block the bacteria and viruses entering the body through the mouth or nose and help protect more important organs like lungs. In the process, adenoids may get infected and inflamed and sometimes they may cause airway obstruction due to repeated infections.

This is the time when your doctor may advise to go for surgery. To be honest, Homeopathy helps avoid surgery in 70 to 75  % of cases of adenoids.


A Doctor confirms the diagnosis with the help of X-ray or after looking into the nasal passage with a tiny telescope.


Common signs and symptoms of inflamed adenoids:


  • Blocked and stuffy nose causing difficulty in breathing through nose
  • Repeated ear infections causing discharge and hearing problems
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Snoring.
  • Soreness in throat
  • Painful or difficult swallowing
  • swollen glands in the neck, which leads to typical Adenoid Facies

The basic reason for infected adenoids

When we look at disease from the perspective of bacteria and viruses, they actually are the end result of the disease. The disease starts when your child starts getting frequent infections and that is not because of the viruses or bacterias. Viruses and bacterias are present in the environment in abundance but why is your child getting affected frequently is the question to ask.

Lowered immunity- Weakened or lowered immunity is the basic reason behind getting frequent infections. Homeopathy aims to increase the immunity rather than short-term relief. Removal of adenoids will not treat the basic tendency to get infections. Hence we see, even after surgery children tends to get frequent infections and this time it may affect major organs like lungs.


Homeopathic management of adenoids:

Homeopathic medicines treat the disease at root level considering all the causes, like immunological, genetic, environmental, etc. This will help to strengthen the immunity hence, increasing the body's healing capacity.





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Krishna Manek -

My daughter used to get frequent colds and cough along with fever, choked nose, hoarseness of voice, etc. and every episode was being treated with conventional medicines with temporary results. It was particularly difficult to cope with my work as well as her illness. Homeopathic medicines helped to cure her completely.

Uploaded on 21-Sep-2017
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