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Asthma in children Introduction

Asthma in children can be termed as childhood asthma or asthmatic bronchitis. Asthma basically means difficulty in breathing which results from contraction of breathing tubes. Majority of children with asthma get their first episode of asthma before they turn 5 years old. To make a diagnosis in younger age becomes more difficult. Keeping a track of sign and symptoms helps parents and treating physician to provide best possible treatment.

The breathing tubes in children below 5 years are small and narrow and frequent colds can lead to inflammation of air tubes making them constricted causing asthma episodes.


Parents need to keep a track of their child's health and must watch for the following symptoms. Recurrence of these symptoms frequently is a clue, that your child may be having childhood asthma.


The symptoms of childhood asthma may differ from child to child as it depends on a variety of factors, it ranges from a constant cough that stays for days or weeks to sudden breathing difficulty.


Common symptoms of childhood asthma are:


  • Constant coughing especially aggravates at night
  • A cracking, wheezing or whistling sound while the child tries to breath out
  • Difficulty in breathing that may cause the muscles around the ribs or neck to pull
  • Every little cold that settles in the chest frequently.
  • Symptoms start or worsen when in contact with smoke or strong odors, pets, and dust.

Homeopathy Treatment for Asthma in Children & Infants


Every child coming with asthma have more or less similar set of symptoms but exact symptoms vary which calls for individual case study and treatment in every case.


Asthma is an episodic disease and we need to make a proper treatment protocol to control and cure it.


The line of treatment depends on the severity and frequency of the symptoms of asthma.

a) Immediate relief: Asthma is a potentially serious disease and can cause an emergency. So, such episodes are treated with emergency medicines in order to control the acute attacks.  


b) Long-term control and arresting the disease process: This kind of treatment is as important as treating asthma emergencies. Treating asthma in symptom-free period will ensure a reduction in inflammation of air tubes and to prevent asthma symptoms and attacks.


Homeopathy medicines are best used for long-term control and arresting the disease process of asthma. A strategic combination of conventional, as well as homeopathic medicines, offers best results.


Homeopathic medicines help in reducing the frequency, severity, and duration of episodes of asthma. It also aims at reducing the use of steroid inhalers. Frequent colds are best managed. Homeopathy helps in improving the overall immune building of children.


With the right kind of treatment and care, we are able to help children to sleep peacefully and avoid missing all important school days.


Recovery Test

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Clients Testimonials

Tirth Shah -

My 6 years old son was diagnosed with asthma and was advised to continue inhalers as and when required. I wanted to get rid of lifelong habit-forming medicines so I switched to homeopathic treatment with my simiia. My child is free from asthma now. God bless Dr. Raval and my similia team for their support through this difficult phase of our life.

Uploaded on 10-Oct-2017

Master Sahil, Kalyan -

I came to know about my similia from one of my friends. It was a difficult period with my son's asthma problem but help from doctors made it easy. My child's asthma is under control without any allopathic medicines.

Uploaded on 21-Sep-2017
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