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About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a science based on holistic system of treatment. Homeopathic practice was established by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in the eighteenth century. This system of medicine is based upon the principal fact that a substance which can produce symptoms of sickness in a healthy person has a curative effect when given in a dilute quantity to sick people who exhibit a similar symptom picture.



Homeopathic remedies acts by stimulating the person’s own healing mechanism. Homeopathy is directed towards treating the diseases at the root level by considering all causative factors like physical, emotional, genetic, immunological, hormonal, metabolic, etc.

Homeopath seeks to treat their patients considering all the above factors. Each treatment is directed towards  individual patient’s needs and responses.

Homeopathy is the safest treatment available as it uses medicines in extremely diluted quantities (potentised medicines) and there are usually none or minimal side effects. It is non-toxic which makes it a best choice for the treatment especially in children, who are sensitive subjects.Homeopathic medicines must also be the first choice in persons with chronic diseases, as also in person with recurrent complaints, where patients require a long term management. Homeopathic medicines are safe even for a newborn as well as a pregnant lady.

Homeopathic treatment has been shown to be really effective in treating variety of disease condition, acute as well as chronic. Contribution of Homeopathy, in treating chronic and recurring diseases, is immense. Among them few examples are Migraine, Psoriasis, Nephrotic syndrome, Ulcerative colitis, etc.

Homeopathy is being practiced all over the Europe, the US, Australia,Asia,middle East but in India Homeopathy has flourished really well. It is the most practiced and accepted Alternative System of Medicine in the world today.

Homeopathy for Asthma

It is proved to have nanoscience mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathy is a time-tested two-century old empirical system of healing.

To prove it as nanotechnology and not merely a placebo medicines an experiment was carried where Ultra-pure samples of medicines were prepared and were examined under scanning (SEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) along with selected area nanodiffraction (SAD) and energy-dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX). Also trace element analysis (TEA) for silicon was performed.

Results showed that Homeopathic medicines exhibited nanoparticles and conglomerates of them, which had crystalline nature and were rich in silicon.

Conclusions was made that During the violent strokes involved in potentization (art of preparing homeopathic medicines), information arising from the serially diluted starting-substance is encrypted by epitaxy on silicon-rich crystalline nanoparticles present in the resulting homeopathic medicine.

The size of the information encrypted on nanoparticles varies with the degree of dilution. As homeopathic medicines exhibit healing effects, these nanoparticles along with the interfacial water on their surface carries this information - which biological systems are able to identify. As various forms of silica are known to interact with proteins and cells of the immune system, homeopathy represents a nanomedicine system.

It was even proved that Homeopathic medicines in different potencies exhibit different effects and properties. As homeopathic medicines have both the size of the information of the diluted away starting-substance and the carriers needed to convey this information - which biological systems are able to identify - to the target, they qualify as nanomedicines.

The nature, composition and surface features of the crystalline material (along with interfacial water) present in homeopathic medicines have paramount importance.

This work was carried out under Department of Biochemical
Engineering & Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi.


Homeopathy for IBS

  • LAW OF SIMILIA The word 'homeos' means 'like' or 'similar' and 'pathos' means 'suffering'. Homeopathy is method of treating the diseases by selection of medicines that have the capacity to produce similar sufferings in a relatively healthy individual.

  • LAW OF SIMPLEX Homeopathy believes in prescription of single medicine at a given time which shall cover all disease symptoms.

  • LAW OF MINIMUM Use of minimum dose is another hallmark of homeopathy. Unique way of preparation of medicines by potentisation avoids the unwanted medicinal aggravation caused by crude substances and prevents chances of any organ damage.

  • DOCTRINE OF DRUG PROVING Homeopathy follows drug proving on healthy individuals in order to collect first hand symptoms as well as emotional changes caused by proving.

  • THEORY OF CHRONIC DISEASES It clearly states how to remove blocks while treating chronic and difficult diseases

  • THEORY OF VITAL FORCE In disease state there is dynamic derangement of the vital force, which leads to disharmony and alteration of all the bodily functions and sensations.

  • DOCTRINE OF DRUG DYNAMISATION Unique way of preparing medicines is potentisation which results in quantitative reduction and a qualitative enhancement of the medicinal substance, hence medicinal aggravation is minimized.

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    How does homeopathic medicines work?

    Homeopathic medicines works on the basis of nano technology.

    Symptoms we experience while suffering from a disease are the outward manifestations of the internal disease, treating just the symptoms of the disease is not enough. Unlike other systems which interferes with the bodys healing mechanism homeopathic medicines stimulates bodys own healing power. Homeopathic medicines act root level by addressing multiple causative factors such as genetic, immunological, metabolic, hormonal, emotional, etc. Homeopathic system believes in holistic approach.


    What is homeopathic case taking

    At My Similia Homeopathy case taking or information gathering is done by providing disease specific questionnaire.

    Homeopathic practitioners believe in law of individuality which says that illness is specific to an individual. In other words, two people with similar or same disease may not require same medicines as it depends on variety of factors such as personal susceptabilities and family tendencies. The practitioner will formulate questions related to patients lifestyle, dietary habits and personality traits which affects the disease along with the specific questions about the nature of the disease and aggravating and ameliorating factors. The information thus gathered is called as profiling or homeopathic case taking.

    Are homeopathy medicines slow in action?

    Properly selected homeopathic medicines show immediate and fast results.

    Time taken for recovery depends upon Factors such as duration of illness, extent and severity of disease, age and general health of the patient. Response to homeopathic line of treatment may vary from individual to individual.

    Once homeopathic medicines did not show results, it will never.

    This is not true. Different homeopathic physicians have different approach and experience in treating difficult diseases.

    At My Similia with our advanced medicines and team efforts we have effectively treated such cases which were under homeopathic medicines for long time without any significant results.

    Can Homeopathic and allopathic medicines be taken together?

    Homeopathic and allopathic medicines act on different planes so they do not interact and can be taken together.

    In difficult diseases like diabetes, ankylosing spondylitis, trigeminal neuralgia, nephrotic syndrome, etc. strategic combination of homeopathic and allopathic medicines is required.

    Are there are lots of food restrictions in homeopathic line of treatment?

    There are no food restrictions as far as homeopathic medicines are concerned.

    • Patients can take garlic, onion, tea coffee by keeping a gap of 30 minutes with homeopathic medicines. However we suggest disease related food restrictions in every case.