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Collaborative Healthcare

Collaborative Healthcare

My Similia is a collaboration on two separate but intricately linked fronts. The earlier one has ushered us in this very entity named My Similia. It is a web portal catering to the healthcare needs of people in a majority of chronic diseases. A collaboration between Doctors having expertise in several different areas, so that the patients get best healthcare solutions in a wide range of illnesses. 

The second one, a collaboration between My Similia doctors and its patients, is also very critical in the treatment of diseases. This partnership entails certain responsibilities from both the doctor as well as the patients

So first let’s talk about Doctor’s responsibilities

  • He should be able to elicit a symptom picture which reflects the physical and mental characteristics of an individual patient.
  • He must be able to remove any doubts from patients mind regarding what to expect from Homeopathic treatment.
  • He should have an ability to empathize with the needs of the patient.
  • Last but not the least, his efforts must invariably be directed to bring back the patient to health.


Now let us consider some responsibilities of a patient

  • He should try to express in clear terms what symptoms he is experiencing.He should observe and tell the doctor about his bodily urges, appetite, thirst, reaction to surrounding environment, sleep disturbances if any, urge to pass urine, stools, etc.He must reveal his emotional response to stress.
  • The Patient, if he takes any parallel treatment, other than the said treatment, he must inform the treating doctor about the same.
  • He must take medicine on time, as well as give timely follow-up to the doctor.
  • Patients must change his lifestyle according to the instructions provided by his physician.


 My Similia team of doctors


Dr. Bhalchandra Raval and Dr. Sagar Bhutada work in collaboration to provide advanced and improved treatment options for a patient. Collaboration in health care in our experience has shown to improve results in our day to day medical practice.

We work on following objectives: accountability, communication, leadership, discipline, coordination, having a clear purpose and having a strategy in place.


My Similia can provide more than the sum total of individual domain skills of every team member, all due to the collaborative effort.

Trust and Confidence

Trust is one of the most important elements of our successful team. It gives us pleasure to work together with faith in each other's abilities. A clear division of the roles and responsibilities makes it easier. Working closely with one another has led to an atmosphere, where trust develops. It has facilitated awareness and appreciation of our Interprofessional roles.

While treating stubborn diseases, the team remains confident because we trusted each other and had spent countless hours together improving our skills and gaining experience throughout the collaboration.

We work with collective leadership which takes pressure off any one individual and disperses it throughout the group.

We believe that our success during these years resulted because we had discovered a winning recipe of functioning efficiently as a team.