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Quality assured

Quality Assured

Our quality level is a direct reflection of our continued commitment to pushing the art and science of practicing homeopathy since last 12  years. Offering new, effective and cost effective solutions is the hallmark at My Similia.


Confidentiality assured:


At My Similia we take care of patients confidentiality with paramount importance. We understand and appreciate the need for confidentiality. Whatever information is shared by patients be it a simple inquiry or sharing of disease information and the treatment-related information is kept strictly confidential. Our patient support system has multiple security systems to ensure data security.  


Maintenance of medical records:


Our patient support system allows patients to maintain their medical records online which is guarded by a password. The patient can use that information to consult our doctors any time.

These records can be used for a lifetime even after successful completion of the treatment.

This helps us to an easy evaluation of cases as all data including disease photos and investigation reports are available handy for cross references.

Patients themselves have a better understanding of their progress as they have the access to previous case photos for comparison.

This system assures standardization of treatment protocol.


Preparation, packing and delivering medicines:


This is the most cared and focused area at My Similia homeopathy.


Preparation: We use medicines which are prepared in FDA approved laboratories following strict rules and regulations in preparing homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic medicines do not have an expiry date but to ensure its quality does not hamper it needs to be preserved in airtight containers under normal room temperature and moisture free atmosphere.   


Packing: While packing the medicines we need to ensure that the pills which contain medicinal properties are packed in such a way that it retains its properties in its purest form. This ensures that sealed and pure medicines are consumed by the patients and which ensures good results.


Medicine delivery: Medicines are sent with proper labeling and instruction to consume them. All the necessary customs documents are sent along with the medicine parcel to ensure hassle free delivery across the world.